Ref: 2912/08 FNPF Undergoes Rebranding Exercise

The Fiji National Provident Fund will embark on a rebranding exercise aimed at changing its corporate image including its logo and colours to better reflect its values, roles and responsibilities.

Board Chairman Mr Parmesh Chand said the rebranding initiative tied in with the Fund’s Strategic Plan for 2009-2011 entitled “Repositioning the Fund Over the Next Decade”

“The Plan emphasizes the urgent need to reprioritize the Fund’s focus in fulfilling its core objectives and services. It was agreed that the Fund needed to change its “face” and the way it conducted its business in light of external, as well as internal factors,” Mr Chand said.

“We are now focusing on enhancing the superannuation functions while easing off on pre-retirement services.”

The new look would portray the Fund’s custodian role to grow members’ funds and secure them for their future.

“It is hoped that the new brand will reflect all that is important about the Fund including its stakeholders, responsibilities and dynamism.”

Mr Chand said the rebranding exercise essentially portray outward expressions of internal changes to staff culture and the delivery of its services.