Ref: 09/09 An iconic building takes shape in the heart of Suva

Suva’s skyline will be changed forever when the iconic and distinctive six-storey Tappoo City building, owned by Penina Limited, is completed later this year.

The unique takia sail-design retailing and entertainment complex, metres away from the Suva foreshore, will stand out from other tall structures given its unique features.

“It is a sight-arresting design,” said Mr Howard Politini, the chairman of Penina Ltd, a joint venture between FNPF Investments Ltd & the Tappoo Group.

Mr Politini said the completed structure would display astounding creativity, blending a traditional Fijian iconic symbol in a takia (double-hulled canoe) into a modern outline and structure.

The architects, JASMAX of New Zealand and Yellow Architects of Fiji have described the design as “uniquely Fijian, world-class, active and growing, destination and district creating, consumer focused and authentic”

“It will definitely be a landmark, an icon of the Pacific, resting gently on the shores of Viti Levu,” say the architects.

They added that it would be “a festival of light, accent, display, memorable; making its place!”

“The design which is exclusively Fijian, as well as distinctively modern, will not only be a shopping experience beyond anything in Fiji, it will be a sensory experience unparalleled in this country,” Mr Politini said.

The building will have four floors of retail including an international food court and specialty outlets. The four floors will be accessed through an atrium and by inter-floor escalators and lifts.

The entrances are designed to orientate people at each level, create a focus zone and create lively and dynamic spaces.

In a design first, the whole complex will open to a garden promenade that would connect the building to the sea frontage by turning Nabukalou Creek into a canal. The inter-floor escalators will overlook the new canal.

A separate lobby and two dedicated lifts will cater for the Class-A offices on the fifth and sixth levels, and for the international food court after hours.

Mr Politini said this new building will create a matchless destination for the people of Fiji.

“It is a building incorporating the best practices of retail & entertainment from around the world,” he said.

Citing the changing face of retailing in Fiji, Mr Politini said the new complex would certainly satisfy the growing demand for excellence by customers.

Mr Politini was confident that the new Tappoo store would be comparable to the best of current up-market department stores in the South Pacific region including Australia & New Zealand.

The building has a parking space for 70 cars.

The first three floors will be occupied by Tappoo, which will house its flagship Department store in Suva.

The fourth floor will comprises an upmarket food court as well as speciality shops & services. The uppermost two floors are reserved for offices and suitable tenants to take up that space will be sought.

Photo caption: An artist’s impression of the TappooCity complex

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