Ref: 01/10/08 Chand is new FNPF Board Chairman

THE Fiji National Provident Fund Board today announced the termination of the Fund’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Olota Rokovunisei and his deputy, Foana Nemani. Board Chairman Mr Peceli Vocea said this decision was taken following full considerations of charges laid against them.

“The Board is reasonably satisfied that it has observed all procedures and avenues available to it, including abiding by principles of natural justice,” Mr Vocea said.

“After considering all that was presented to them – including reports from the Internal Audit and legal advice – the Board felt it appropriate that they be terminated with immediate effect.”

The two were duly informed of this decision on Thursday, April 19, 2007.

Mr Vocea said Mr Rokovunisei and Mrs Nemani’s long-service employment with the Fund were both noted and appreciated.

“However, at the end of the day, as trustees of members’ funds, the Board needs to ensure that all policies including those binding employees of the Fund are strictly adhered to.”