Ref: 05/09 Suva Holiday Inn Declared Dividend

The Fiji National Provident Fund’s Investments Limited (FNPFIL) yesterday received $1.2 million in dividends from its subsidiary, Holiday Inn, Suva. This is the third successive year Holiday Inn has paid FNPFIL dividends, totalling $4.4 million.

In accepting the dividend cheque, FNPFIL General Manager, Semi Leiwere said the payout was an impressive achievement given the sluggish economy.

“This accomplishment is line with the Fund’s vision of ensuring that members’ funds are invested for gainful purposes,” Mr Leiwere said.

The cheque was handed to Mr Leiwere by Holiday Inn company secretary, Ms Shandiya Gounder.

For more information, please contact:

Semi Leiwere

General Manager


323 8407 or 999 7292 or on email: