FNPF Rebranding Supplement

Founded forty three years ago, the Fiji National Provident Fund has grown from about $2.4 million in 1966 to $3.6billion. It is now the financial pulse of the nation, thanks to the collective efforts of Fiji’s workforce. Over the last four decades, the Fund has not only looked after the retirement needs of its workers, it has also branched out to provide other services such as housing, medical and education assistance to its members.

For many of its members, the FNPF has been an institution of hope for a comfortable and secure future. In fact, the FNPF is exactly this and more. It is a success story about how an idea from six decades ago, evolved and grew to suit the changing needs of its members, their spouses, children and immediate families in more ways than one.

Since its establishment, the Fund’s success has begun to surpass everyone’s expectations, so much so, that many in Fiji today cannot imagine their lives now without the FNPF.

The Fund’s old logo was formulated from a competition in the early 1970s and depicts a coin sitting in a protective curved foundation signifying financial security, solidity and stability during your working life and in retirement. Its dominant red colour portrayed unity, strength and security.

The launching of the new corporate identity signifies the new direction the Fund is taking, in line with its Strategic Plan FY2009-2011 of “Repositioning the Fund over the next decade”.

Through its strategic plan, the Fund hopes to streamline its services to providing financial security for its members during retirement.

The major focus of the rebranding exercise was the logo formulation that depicts its vision, mission and values, while maintaining freshness and uniqueness.

FNPF Board Chairman Mr Parmesh Chand said having a new brand demonstrates and emphasises the efforts the Fund is taking to change the way they conduct business.

“We are now focusing on enhancing the superannuation functions while easing off on pre-retirement services. The new look portrays the Fund’s custodian role to grow members’ funds and secure them for their future,” he said.

“The Fund is journeying through exciting times now as we realign ourselves to our core objectives. With this focus, many changes are being implemented to help us achieve our corporate goals.”