FNPF Launches New Digital Platforms for Members

The Fiji National Provident Fund has launched key digital platforms including a new mobile application called MyFNPF App, as it continues to embrace online services to engage and empower its members.

FNPF has also revamped its website, enhanced its short message service or SMS facility MyFUND and introduced FNPF kiosks at selected FNPF offices around the country.

Chief Operating Officer Jaoji Koroi said these services are tailor made for members who frequent FNPF offices to find out their account balances and other basic information.

“The MyFNPF mobile app allows members and pensioners real time access to their FNPF account information, using a smartphone.”

Mr. Koroi adds that the App can be downloaded free of charge, however, the cost of internet or mobile data will be borne by the user.

“FNPF acknowledges the importance of technology and ensures it keeps up with changes, customizing various modes of technology as we continue to strive towards achieving our mission to understand our customers and offer quality services.”
The summary of the services provided through these new digital platforms are:

1. MyFNPF Mobile App – members and pensioners can view their

  • Account profile
  • Balance and eligibilities;
  • Withdrawal applications;
  • Pension payments;
  • Account transactions;
  • Nominations and employment history.

2. Self-Service Kiosks – allows quick access for members and pensioners to check their

  • Account profile using their Photo ID
  • Balance and eligibilities
  • Pension payment
  • Account transactions
  • Nomination and employment history
  • Withdrawals
  • and send feedback or follow up emails to our Information Centre

3. Enhanced MyFund SMS Service – allows members to check:

  • Balances
  • Eligibilities (Housing and other withdrawals)
  • Withdrawal application
  • View last five transactions

4. Revamped Website myfnpf.com.fj

  • Provides members and pensioners simple, clear, concise content and enabled user engagement tools
  • New functionalities
    • Easier to navigate
    • Personalised content for members, pensioners and employers.
    • Mobile friendly
    • Linked to FNPF’s Facebook and Twitter accounts v. Online chat facilities.

For more information, please contact:  mediaqueries@fnpf.com.fj