FNPF Allows $1k Flood Assistance For Members

Fiji National Provident Fund members living in flood affected areas in the Western Division will be able to access up to $1,000 under the Natural Disaster Withdrawal Scheme. This assistance will be deducted from the members’ General Account eligibility and the Fund has waived the processing fee for this withdrawal.

Chief Executive Jaoji Koroi has confirmed that FNPF officers will be deployed to the flood-affected areas from tomorrow (Wed 4/4) and will work closely with the Commissioner Western’s Office in assisting members.

“We will commence inspection in Ba from tomorrow, and then move to other affected areas. We will be advertising our team’s location daily,” Mr Koroi said.

Natural disaster forms will be distributed by FNPF inspectors. These forms will not be issued from any FNPF office or agency.

Members will be required to show proof of residence by providing their utility bills or through verification by delegated government officials. They must also provide a recent bank statement as all payments will be made to their personal bank accounts. These documents will assist in the withdrawal application process and members are requested to ensure they provide the required documents to the FNPF teams.

Mr Koroi reiterated that the FNPF Act 2011 allows for the provision of assistance to members once a natural disaster has been declared.

“Members have always appreciated FNPF’s response during times of disaster because it allows them to cater for their immediate needs. Like other key disaster response organizations, we carry out our assessments before deciding on the type of assistance to provide to members.”

The FNPF will also ensure that proper counselling are provided to members during this assistance process.

Mr Koroi also clarified that members can access housing withdrawal assistance under current approved grounds if they need more funds for rehabilitation works.

“The $1000 is for immediate relief. We understand that some members will need more than $1000 for their repairs. The housing withdrawal assistance is also available to our members should they need to access more funds. We also have the Quick Repair Assistance in which members can access up to $5000 for repair works.”