FNPF Resumes Inspection

FNPF will resume inspection of flood-affected areas in the Western Division from tomorrow, Thursday 12 April 2018 after it was suspended temporarily due to TC Keni.

Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi reiterated that FNPF will continue to work closely with the Commissioner Western’s Office which provides the list of affected areas and we are prioritizing those in the worst affected areas.

“We will continue from where we left off on Monday and we will await the new areas which were affected severely by TC Keni from the Commissioner Western’s Office. Inspection schedules are broadcast daily by the radio stations, advertised in the daily newspapers and also posted on FNPF’s Facebook page.”

Mr Koroi confirmed that 9 teams are in the field where most of pre-checking and validation are done. He also reminded the members to exercise prudence in accessing this assistance as the main purpose of the Fund is for their retirement.

“We are here to assist you in your time of need, and in this case the assistance is to provide immediate relief especially for household items that have been damaged by the flood. It does not cover root crops and farms,” he said.

He also confirmed initial feedback from the Northern Division that damages has not been extensive and the Fund is working closely with Commissioner Northern’s office.

As of today, the FNPF has paid out more than $719,000 to 874 members who applied for flood assistance under the Natural Disaster Assistance Scheme.

Flood assistance forms are distributed by the teams during inspection and are not available at any of the FNPF branches and agencies.

Members must ensure they have valid bank accounts as all payments are being processed to members’ bank accounts.

For more information email mediaqueries@fnpf.com.fj