FNPF Members’ Statements on myFNPF App

Fiji National Provident Fund members can now view their FNPF statements on the enhancedmyFNPF mobile App.

The upgraded app allows members to view their annual statement or email it to themselves.The same could be done to members’ interim statement, which shows the members’ balance as per statement request date. 

FNPF Chief Executive Jaoji Koroi has urged the 64,600 members whose email addresses are registered with the Fund to use the App to view their annual statements; which would also show the interest earned after the 6.35% interest were credited to members’ accounts on 30 June, 2018 and other latest transactions. 

The myFNPF App which can be downloaded from Google Playstore, also allows members to do other things including updating their records.

New users can register themselves at the nearest FNPF office, or register through the App by following the registration prompts. 

The App is part of FNPF’s Go Digital initiatives which are aimed at empowering members by providing them direct access to their retirement savings account and to engage effectively with the Fund. 

Mr Koroi said the App and other digital services will help members track their savings at their convenience. 

“We believe that by giving members direct access to their accounts, they will be in a better position to make decisions on growing their savings or even accessing it for pre-retirement benefits.” 

“These initiatives enable members to track their contributions and ensure that their deductions are being deposited by their employers as and when it is due.” 

“We know that our members are quite tech savvy and they will find the myFNPF App quite helpful.”

“We’ve upgraded the myFNPF App with better features based on the feedback from our first version to allow them to take control of their accounts by performing certain actions like printing their statements and reduce the need to visit FNPF offices.” 

To access the App, members must first register their valid email address with FNPF. The initial App was launched last year, allowing members to view their total balance and eligibility, transactions and employment history, amongst other information. 

“Those who have downloaded the App prior to July 17, 2018 must update the app to get the newer features.”

Members only need to follow the registration prompts to gain access to their accounts.

For more information email mediaqueries@fnpf.com.fj