FNPF Changes Pension Renewal Certificate Cycle

The Fiji National Provident Fund’s renewal certificate cycle for pensioners, has been revised from four to six months.

This means that pensioners will only need to visit FNPF offices twice instead of three times a year to submit their signed renewal certificates to ensure continuity of pension payments. 

FNPF Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said the changes have been made in direct response to requests made by pensioners at our annual member forums last year.

“Pensioners have highlighted the challenges faced with meeting the quarterly deadlines to ensure they receive their pension on time,” Mr Koroi said.

“The four month cycle was a control mechanism put in place to ensure we minimize the financial losses (if any) resulting from the death of a pensioner during the period.”

“Many of them have told us that they found the current four month cycle challenging because of their age and so we decided to change the renewal frequency.”

“Pensioners had raised this issue at our offices, at public forums and also through the Pensioner E-Services Portal.” 

Mr Koroi adds that while shorter periods enabled better control, the new cycle will reduce the high count of renewal certificates that are dispatched.

Monthly pensions are only paid once the renewal certificates are received at FNPF offices.

The new pension renewal cycle is effective from August 13th.