FNPF Takes Pre-Emptive Measures

With a focus on prevention and business continuity, the Fiji National Provident Fund will be implementing new processes in response to the threat of Coronavirus or COVID-19.

While no cases have been confirmed in Fiji, the Fund, like many other organizations, will activate its response plans that will ensure that it continues to provide critical services to its members and stakeholders.

Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said that effective immediately, Renewal Certificates due for March and April, will not be required to be submitted for pension payments.

“This means that Pensioners do not need to come to the Fund to fill in their renewal certificates from the 16th of March until the 28th of April. We will pay their pension on the presumption of life.”

The Fund will also be exploring means of digital validation in the future.

“The World Health Organisation has identified older adults as one of the high risk groups and given that this includes our pensioners, we have decided to waive this process to minimise physical contact.”

The Fund will also be conducting simulation tests next week for the online submission and offsite processing of funeral applications – which typically has high expectation from our members.

“Members submitting applications for funeral assistance on Thursday 19th March, will need to submit online so we are able to test the end-to-end process, from the submission of the application, processing and payment.”

“We apologise in advance for any delayed service however it is critical that the Fund tests all these processes to ensure FNPF is ready to operate under any adverse circumstances, Mr Koroi adds.

Mr. Koroi stressed that like other organizations and countries, the Fund is going through a business cycle and will address these challenges accordingly.

“Let me emphasise that FNPF is a long term investor. COVID-19 will have some impact on our performance, but it’s too early to put that into exact numbers as the scenarios are still evolving.”

The Fund is liaising closely with its subsidiaries and other relevant Government agencies and is also monitoring the international situation.

Members are also encouraged to log in to the Fund’s digital platforms to enable them to access and monitor their accounts minimising the need to visit FNPF offices.