FNPF uses digital platforms for COVID-19 Relief

Following the announcement of the Supplementary Budget for COVID-19 and in collaboration with Government, the Fiji National Provident Fund will be working closely with Employers when it rolls out the withdrawal program for members through existing digital platforms.

The Fund is taking its cue from health advisories for physical distancing during this period and will be carrying out bulk of the withdrawal processes digitally. The Fund is liaising with Employers to ensure members in the affected areas that have been prioritized, are assisted.

Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said that the Fund will be relying on Employers to assist with the process to ensure those that have been affected in the tourism sector, those impacted by the physical distancing restriction and members working in the lockdown areas are able to access their funds.

“These are abnormal times and we are grateful to Government for partially funding this withdrawal, especially for those who do not have sufficient eligibility,” said Mr. Koroi.

“Also we are relying on the goodwill and accountability of the Employers during this period, to help us deliver the assistance to their staff who have been affected.”

“This is the most effective way to ensure members are able to access their funds, while at the same time adhering to health and safety regulations for COVID-19.”

From early next week, the withdrawal forms will be emailed to the Employers, who will then liaise directly with their staff. These forms need to be completed by the affected members with the Employer, who will then electronically submit the completed forms with the other requirements to the Fund.

As mentioned during the Budget address, members in the priority areas can be assured that they will receive their funds and to exercise caution and patience as they await assistance.

“We understand that the economic impact of the pandemic is far-reaching, however, we continue to plead with members to make informed decisions regarding their retirement savings”.

Mr Koroi encouraged employers and members to continue to remain diligent during this pandemic period.

“If you are an employer and you are able to pay contributions please do so and likewise for members – do not apply if you do not need it and be mindful that these funds are for your retirement”, Mr Koroi said.

Time of resilience

“FNPF is a social security institution and we will stand by our members in their time of need”, adds Mr Koroi.

“To be able to provide this withdrawal scheme specifically for COVID-19, the Fund has had to make amendments to our legislation, the FNPF Act 2011, which is a reflection of the extraordinary situation we are in at the moment.”

“We are also grateful to Government for the support to amend the legislation, enabling us to provide relief assistance to our members as part of the national response to the pandemic.”

The Fund will continue to monitor the situation very closely as the withdrawal progresses.

Members can continue to reach out to us by calling 3307 811, email Information@fnpf.com.fj or access our digital platforms (myFNPF mobile app, myFund, Member Portal) as a precautionary measure against mass gatherings.