COVID-19 Withdrawal Extends to Suva

The inclusion of Suva as a lockdown area now qualifies FNPF members working within these parameters and whose employment has been impacted by COVID-19, to apply for FNPF withdrawal.

The same arrangement implemented for the Lautoka lockdown zone, also applies to working members in the Suva to Nausori corridor.

FNPF Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi says that administration of the assistance for this new confined area is no different from what is already in progress – that is the Fund will be working closely with the Employers through digital platforms.

“For Suva lockdown area, the member must be affected through reduced working hours, reduced wage rate/ salary, been sent on leave without pay or terminated or permanently laid-off. They can apply for a maximum of $500”, Mr Koroi said

If the member does not have sufficient General account balance, the Fijian Government will top up to the maximum withdrawal amount. The member must also already have a positive General Account balance.

With regards to taxi drivers, the Fund will be working closely with employers.

“There are four taxi companies that continue to pay compulsory contributions. These are the employers that we will target first, before we consider other taxi drivers in other situations or arrangements – but they must be an FNPF member”, Mr Koroi said.

FNPF will publicise the list of companies for these identified areas from early next week. Forms will be uploaded on the Fund’s website, and also made available at the Fiji Post Office and District Offices.

“We are requesting for members understanding. We empathise with all our members and only if we work together, then the process will be smoother”, Mr Koroi continued.

For members who are currently unemployed, they can apply through the Fund’s normal Unemployment Assistance which will require them to submit their application within six months from being terminated or laid off. The maximum amount for this withdrawal is $1,000, depending on the members General Account eligibility.

FNPF continues to discourage all members from crowding its offices unnecessarily, advising that the forms will be with Employers and no distribution or submission of forms will be done manually at its offices.

“We have to bear in mind the physical distancing restriction and I urge all members to please comply with the safety regulations that have been activated at our branches”, Mr Koroi said.

FNPF will continue to update its members through the media and social media and those with enquiries can email