FNPF closes, processing continues

Fiji National Provident Fund offices around the country are closed today due to the adverse weather conditions brought on by Tropical Cyclone Harold.

FNPF’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Jaoji Koroi stated that the Fund is not taking any chances, as the safety of staff and members is paramount.

However, he adds that processing of applications for COVID-19 assistance continues. “The simulation tests we had conducted in March was to prepare us for situations like this. We can confidently say that despite the closure, our teams will continue to process the COVID-19 applications off-site”, Mr Koroi said.

The COVID-19 assistance currently administered through the Fiji National Provident Fund, in partnership with Government, has paid out a total of $2.91 million to 3544 members.

Of this amount, Government has paid $463k while FNPF has paid $2.45m.

Precautionary steps

However, the Fund has advised that processing of applications received through email or submitted via drop box without the signature of the employer, will be delayed because the Fund will need to activate its verification process with the employer information available.

In addition, forms that are submitted via drop box (physically at our offices) will undergo a quarantine process before staff are able to handle the application.

“These are precautionary measures that we’ve taken to safeguard our staff and we will not compromise their safety”, Mr Koroi said.

Issues with employers

Mr Koroi has acknowledged employers who were now expediting the COVID-19 assistance process by uploading their staff’s applications but has again requested employers to do right by their staff during these hard times.

“We are receiving feedback from our members that some employers are refusing to complete their form or refusing to even sign off on it. We ask employers to please understand their situation and work together with us.”

“The applications that have been uploaded through the Employer portal have increased steadily, allowing our teams to complete the process.”

“We are indeed grateful to see this process through, especially since members have endured hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Payment options

Members who opt for payments through the M-PAiSA and TMO platforms, can expect 2-3 days’ delay.

Fees associated with these two facilities will be borne by the member.

“Unfortunately certain factors are beyond our control but all things considered, we hope members will appreciate the efforts of all stakeholders to ensure they are assisted during these challenging times,” said Mr. Koroi.

Assistance for taxi, minivan and hire vehicle drivers and small enterprise owners will commence tomorrow Thursday 9 April. Members can access the forms on the FNPF website, at Post Fiji outlets and the District Offices.

Pensioners Renewal Certificate

The Fund has extended its waiver for submissions of pensioner Renewal Certificates up until 28 May 2020 as it continues to undertake preventative measures against COVID-19.

Therefore, those pensioners whose renewal certificates are due during this period, don’t need to worry about renewing it because FNPF will continue processing pension payments, on the presumption of life.

Members are also encouraged to log in to the Fund’s digital platforms or download the myFNPF mobile app on Google Play or Apple App Store, to enable them to access their accounts during this pandemic period.