Fund’s services normalise; 77,507 members receive COVID-19 relief

The Fiji National Provident Fund has processed majority of the applications that have been received for theCOVID-19 withdrawal scheme and has paid out $49.1m to 77,507 members to date.

Altogether, 86,854 applications were lodged. Close to 4,600 members will be paid out this week.

A total of 18,312 members were subsidized by the Government top-up, receiving more than $6.67m.

Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said that $42.4m of members’ funds has been withdrawn under this Covid-19 withdrawal scheme.

“We understand that some members are still waiting and these are applications that our teams are trying their best to complete. We do apologize for the delays they have encountered and assure them that if they meet the requirements, they will receive their funds.”

Return to normal services

Mr. Koroi said the Fund has reverted to normal operations today, with a dedicated team tasked with processing COVID-19 applications.

He also stressed that the national health safety restrictions in place will remain and all visitors to the Fund’s offices or premises, will be required to adhere to the physical distancing protocols, with only 20 people at a time allowed into Fund offices, especially for smaller branches or agencies.

“We understand that whilst our daily lives have been affected in some way by COVID-19, we need to accept this new norm. Our Valelevu Office which had been closed from 1st April, opened today and is now operating as normal,” Mr Koroi said.

However, the Fund is requesting members to make full use of services available on its digital platforms such as the myFNPF mobile app, Member portal or myFund, minimizing the need to physically visit FNPF offices.

The Fund is also mindful of members’ concerns regarding delayed responses to their enquiries through the Fund’s telephone, email or social media channels and we continue to plead for their understanding during these extraordinary times.

TC Harold withdrawals continue 

FNPF has received around 722 applications for the Tropical Cyclone Harold withdrawal scheme and paid out $797,194 to 606 members.

“Our teams have completed inspection for the maritime zones – specifically for Kadavu, Vatulele and a few islands in the Lau Group,” says Mr Koroi.

“Majority of members contacting the Fund do not live in the affected area but their homes were damaged.These members have been advised to apply for the housing assistance scheme to repair their homes provided they meet the qualifying requirements”, Mr Koroi adds.

The TC Harold withdrawal scheme only targeted members whose homes were damaged and also reside in areas that were declared a natural disaster area by the National Disaster Management Office.