Collaboration is paramount

The Fiji National Provident Fund is relying on the cooperation of members and employers for the timely processing of applications and payments for Phase Two of the COVID-19 withdrawal scheme.

With the first round of payments on 23 June, for members who are on leave without pay and those who are unemployed, the Fund is encouraging members and employers to submit applications through its digital platforms by Friday 19 June.

Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said the Fund had received more than 5,500 applications since Phase Two opened on 9 June.

“The principle of solidarity amongst our members and employers is very critical at this stage to ensure that benefit payments are delivered effectively,” said Mr Koroi.

“It is encouraging to note that more than 2,500 applications were lodged through the myFNPF App and a little more than 3,000 submitted through the Employers Portal.”

“Both modes of submission (the App or employer portal) require the validation of members’ employment status by their employer. The Fund is relying on these Employers to constantly check their employer portal for members’ applications that need their verification.”

Applications can only be processed by the Fund once the members’ most recent employer makes a decision on the member’s application.

“Employers have a critical role in this entire COVID-19 withdrawal scheme. The Fund continues to rely on their partnership to provide this relief for our members.”

With members now tracking their applications through the myFNPF App, they will also be aware if their application is awaiting their employers’ endorsement.

The Fund will also be sending regular reminders to employers to check on applications for Phase two.

MyFNPF App Registration Influx

“There were some teething issues with the myFNPF App, given the volume of registration that we are now receiving. Our teams have been working closely with members to assist them with the transition from manual to digital applications.”

“The Fund is also diverting more resources to help members with the registration process,” said Mr. Koroi.

To ensure successful self-registration through the myFNPF App, members have to use the email address or phone numbers that are registered with the Fund.

Registration delays are only encountered when members use new emails or phone contacts as these records would need to be registered by the Fund before the one-time password will be sent to the member.

The Fund continues to address queries through its usual contact modes, however, delays are expected due to the large volume of calls, emails and social media engagements.