COVID-19 Phase 2 Relief Payments for Members Commences

A total of 15,920 Fiji National Provident Fund members will receive their $220 relief payment today for Phase Two of the COVID-19 withdrawal scheme. Out of these, 1,283 members are receiving their second payment after being assisted on 5 June.

Altogether, these members will be paid $17.5 million over a period of 10 weeks. Today’s payments totaled $3.5 million, with $1.9 million subsidized by Government. These members will continue to receive their fortnightly payments until their total funds of $1,100 are fully paid.

Chief Executive Officer, Jaoji Koroi stated that the Fund has automated its withdrawal processes to improve the efficiency of services to members. The efficient design process has contributed to a faster turnaround time in processing and payment.

“We have almost 70,000 members registered on the myFNPF app who are potential users of our digital services, therefore it is imperative that the Fund keep abreast with our member’s digital needs”.

“We are grateful that employers have continued to work with us to ensure members’ are able to access their funds during these trying times. However, approximately 645 members missed the deadline for this first payment because their applications were still pending with their employers. If eligible, these members applications will be processed for the next scheduled payment”

Mr. Koroi reiterated that Phase Two is targeting members on leave without pay and those who are unemployed.

“As long as staff are working, they will not qualify for Phase 2. We empathize with our members but the focus right now is on those who are not earning any income due to the impact of COVID-19”.

“We need our employer’s cooperation, support and honesty”, said Mr Koroi.

Members must ensure that their FNPF records are updated with their latest email address, TIN or mobile number before they can register for the app and to contact the Fund to get these details updated.

The maximum amount for this withdrawal phase is $1,100, with $220 disbursed to the member’s bank account on a fortnightly basis, with the final payment on 18 August.

The next payment cycle will be processed on 7 July therefore, members applying for the first time must ensure FNPF receives their application before 3 July.