FNPF Makes Special Payment Run for Affected Members

The Fiji National Provident Fund will make a special payment run for some 1,195 members, who have been inadvertently missed out, on their scheduled payments in the last 2 fortnights. Majority of these members are for phase 2 cycle 2 and some for phase 3.

While the Fund had publicized processing and payment timelines for the active relief phases, certain technical factors had affected processing from our side.

Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said that this issue affected the payments for these members.

“Our teams have rectified the issue and we sincerely apologise to members who were expecting payment as per the Phase 2 Round 2 timeline on September 15. They can now expect to receive it on Friday”, says Mr Koroi.

“There will be a special payment run on Friday 18 September 2020, for members that have missed out on the Cycle 2 payment for Phase 2 Round 2.”

Through this special run, the Fund will also pay out members whose applications were received up to 11 September and have been approved for payment for Phase 2 Round 2.

Key issues

The Fund is aware that there is still some ambiguity on the current COVID19 withdrawal processes.

The following are key recurring issues that the Fund would like to remind all members and employers:

Key Issues

Payment Updates

The payment updates for each Phase are as follows:

Payment Updates

Next scheduled payment cycles

The next scheduled payment dates are as follows:

next payment cycle

Members submitting their applications for the first time must do so before the application deadline. Phase 2 Round 2 members must apply on the mobile app or through their Employer. Phase 3 applications must be submitted through the members Employer.

“We are mindful of our member’s circumstances and understand that for some, their situations are not improving. We will continue to assess each phase as it progresses particularly due to member demands”, Mr Koroi said.

Mr Koroi also thanked members and employers for their constant support.

Members are encouraged to visit the Funds website or Facebook page for the full information on the current Phases as well as constant updates.