COVID-19 withdrawals extends into March 2021

FNPF Members remain affected by COVID-19, hence, the Fijian Government and the Fiji National Provident Fund have agreed to extend the COVID-19 withdrawals for FNPF members until March 2021.

Chief executive officer, Jaoji Koroi has acknowledged the Government’s support as it continues to provide top-up for FNPF members that have insufficient General Account balances for Phases 2 and 3.

“It has now been 9-months since FNPF partnered with the Government to provide COVID-19 assistance and we are glad these relief payments are able to assist our members”, Mr Koroi stated.

Closure of current Rounds 

Phase 2 Round 3

The final payment for Phase 2 Round 3 is scheduled for Tuesday, 5th January 2021. New applicants must submit their application by Thursday, 31st December 2020. Applications can be submitted through the employers or the FNPF mobile app.

Any applications submitted from 1st January 2021 will be processed under Phase 2 Round 4.

Phase 3 Round 2

The Fund had disbursed the final payment for Phase 3 Round 2 on Thursday 24th December 2020. This was an early payment for Christmas.

COVID – 19 withdrawal extension

Phase 2 Round 4

The Fund will automatically rollover approximately 25,000 members, who had earlier consented to future assistance and have not received any contributions in the past 3months. These members will receive an SMS notification from the Fund today.

FNPF will also notify around 9,100 members via SMS who will need to re-apply since the Fund received contributions from them in the past 3-months. These members will need to apply either through the FNPF mobile app or through their employer under Phase 2 Round 4. These members will also receive an SMS notification from the FNPF.

Members that have been terminated or are on leave without pay and have not applied for COVID-19 assistance so far including those that have not consented to receiving continued assistance, can apply before 31st December 2020 to qualify for Phase 2 Round 3. Any applications received after this date would be processed in the next round.

Applications for Phase 2 Round 4 will open on 6th January 2021 and the first payment of $220 will be on 19th January 2021.

The application cut-off dates are as follows:


Phase 3 Round 3

Members who are still on reduced hours or pay from their last payment on Thursday 24th December 2020, and would like to continue receiving the assistance, must re-apply through their employer. This is the same process as in Phase 3 Round 2. Employers need to confirm members’ employment arrangement.

Phase 3 Round 3 applications will open on 30th December 2020 and the first payment will be 12th January 2021.

The application cut-off dates are as follows:

P3 dates

“We understand that some members may find this process cumbersome but members are requested to update their bank details including method of payment , as these have been few reasons as to why there were delays in receiving the funds”, Mr Koroi adds.

The Fund also reminds its members to be mindful of withdrawals from their FNPF General Account as this will decrease their pre-retirement eligibilities.

Phase 4

This phase is now extended to include members who have been unemployed from January 2010 to September 2019.

Members can only access their general account balance and must have a minimum of $135 to qualify. The amount that can be withdrawn is $100 – $1,100. There is no Government top-up for this phase.

Members can only withdraw once for this phase. Applications can be submitted through the myFNPF App.

COVID – 19 withdrawal discontinuation

Members who would like the discontinue receiving COVID-19 assistance especially for phase 2 will need to notify FNPF before 7th January 2021.