FNPF clarifies COVID-19 Phase 2 Round 4 continuation process

Members of the Fiji National Provident Fund who have accessed the ongoing COVID-19 withdrawals and wish to continue receiving this assistance, must re-apply on the myFNPF App or through their employer.

 This is specifically for those members who had accessed Phase 2 Round 3 and had consented for future assistance but received a contribution in their FNPF account over the past four months.

The Fund had contacted this group of members through SMS last month advising of the need to reapply.

“One of the qualifying conditions for Phase 2 Round 4 is that there are no contributions paid to your FNPF account in the past four months. Once a contribution is received, we will assume that the member is in employment,” Acting Chief Operating Officer Pravinesh Singh said.

“This is why we need these members to re-apply. If you are now working and your hours or wages have been reduced, then you qualify for Phase 3.”

“If a member had opted for continued assistance and has not received any payment this week for Phase 2 Round 4, then members in the group need to re-apply. They can confirm this by checking their contribution on the mobile app or by contacting any of our offices,” Mr. Singh added.

The first payment for Phase 2 Round 4 was released this week to 26,549 members. A total of $5.8million was paid, of which $4.7million was topped-up by Government. A special payment run will be disbursed tomorrow to approximately 400 members whose applications required further verification by the Fund.

FNPF is also reminding members to provide their correct payment details such as for bank accounts & mobile numbers for M-PAISA members.

For Phase 3 Round 3, members that had opted for future assistance in Round 2, must reapply through their employer. 

The application deadline and payment dates for the current active phases are as follows: 

Tropical Cyclone Yasa

FNPF has paid a total of $6.1 million to 4,398 members that accessed the Tropical Cyclone Yasa relief. The Fund received 5,025 applications and the last few applications are being processed for payment tomorrow.

“We had some members that had missed out on the inspection but these have been addressed and we will complete the processing of the remaining applications this week,” said Mr Singh.

The scheme closed on Saturday 16th January 2021. Members who still need to repair or rebuild their homes, can enquire about the Fund’s housing withdrawal.