Zero Tolerance for Fraud

The Fiji National Provident Fund has zero tolerance for fraudulent activities and warns that those who engage in such actions will face the full brunt of the law.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Viliame Vodonaivalu said that that there were certain individuals posing as FNPF agents on social media misleading and deceiving members in the process.

“FNPF has no agents. Members are advised not to deal with any third party on FNPF matters and to not disclose their personal information such as their mobile app username or password”, Mr Vodonaivalu says.

“The result can be quite damaging when your private financial information is accessed by the wrong people so members need to remain vigilant at all times”.

“The Fund will not spare any member or individual involved in these activities and will ensure they are subjected to the full legal process”.

He reiterated that the Fund does not condone attempts at fraud and as custodians of members’ funds, will not hesitate to report illegal activities to the relevant authorities.

Members have been imprisoned in the past because of fraudulent activities and the penalties meted out should serve as a deterrent.

Members are requested to contact the Fund or to visit any FNPF office immediately if they feel they have fallen victim to fraud or identify theft.

Members are also advised that they can login to the mobile app and reset their password for security purposes.