FNPF warns Employers

The Fund has warned employers that it will take action against those COVID-19 member withdrawals that have been falsified.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Viliame Vodonaivalu said the Fund noticed an increase in the number of Phase 3 applications received for the reduced wage rate option that entitles a member to a lump sum payment of $550 or $1,100, depending on the percentage of wage rate decrease.

“Employers are requested to be honest with the applications. Our verification processes includes checks on members’ contributions and we are able to see if the member’s salary has not changed. This is of great concern, especially if the member is accessing the full government top up subsidy”

This warning is also directed to employer representatives and members alike.

“We are urging our members and employers not to collude or engage in such fraudulent activities. If anyone is found engaging in such practices, they will have to face the law”

Phase 3 Round 4 Cycle 2 payment is scheduled for next week 13 April 2021, and the deadline for applications is 8 April 2021.

The Fund also issued an early payment for Phase 2 Round 5 members last week, which was initially scheduled for today, 6 April 2021. Payments for members banking with ANZ, BSP and Westpac were processed last week while members banking with Bred Bank, Bank of Baroda and HFC will receive their funds tomorrow.Similarly, members opting for the M-PAISA and Post Fiji Bill Pay will receive their payment this week.

FNPF issued an SMS to two groups of members last week, who were not paid due to the following reasons:

1. The member was initially auto-registered but the application was cancelled as a contribution was received. The member will need to reapply on the mobile app or through their employer.

2. The member had re-applied and the verification process is ongoing. If approved, the member will be paid in the next Phase 2 payment cycle on 20 April 2021.

These members are requested to contact the Fund should they require further clarification.