COVID-19 Lockdown Relief

A one-off COVID-19 relief for Fiji National Provident Fund members impacted by the lockdown restrictions in the Western Division will open from Monday 26 April 2021.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Viliame Vodonaivalu said this relief will be a one-off payment of $220, given that the containment period is 14 days, which is equivalent to two weeks or a fortnight.

Members living in the containment area and who are currently accessing phases two and three of the COVID-19 relief, will not be eligible for this one-off relief.

“In line with the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, the Fund has mobilised to ensure readiness when this relief rolls out early next week,” said Mr. Vodonaivalu.

“Members who are unable to attend work due to the containment restrictions, will be eligible for this relief but will need to liaise directly with their employers.”

“This also includes members who live and work in the containment area but their work place has closed for the lock down period due to its high risk nature.”

“The Fund is already liaising with employers in terms of the provision of a list of employees who are affected by the lockdown. We continue to encourage these employers to ensure that they only provide us with the list of members who have been genuinely affected to eliminate double dipping.”

“The safety of our members and our staff is a priority and we have considered processes that would require minimal physical movement. We are encouraging our members in the containment area, as well as those outside of these areas, to access our digital platforms and not risk their health by physically visiting our offices,” said Mr. Vodonaivalu.

Application Submission Process

There are two main modes of application submission – employer portal and the myFNPF App which will be available from Monday 26 April 2021, when the scheme opens.

Affected members can access $220 from their General account, with Government providing top up for those that have insufficient GA balance.

The Fund is working closely with employers to identify those members who have been affected but are not currently assisted through any of the active COVID-19 phases.

If the member is applying through the employer portal, then they must complete the application form and have it forwarded to their employer via email, viber, WhatsApp or any other online mode.

The application forms can be accessed on the Fund website or from any of its branch or agency.

Only members whose contributions have been paid up to March 2021 will be eligible for this relief.

These members will need to provide a valid photo identification and ensure their payment details are correct (bank, M-PAiSA, BillPaid). Incorrect information will only delay the payment of relief funds.

Members applying on the mobile app, will not be required to complete the form.

“We encourage our members to get more information on this relief from the FNPF website or visit our social media pages. Our contact lines are also open for direct communication,” said Mr. Vodonaivalu.

“It’s important that we adhere to the health and safety protocols that have been announced by the Health authorities to ensure we minimise exposure to coronavirus.”

“Members are encouraged to utilise our digital platforms to communicate or engage with us, rather than visiting our offices due to COVID-19 health and physical distancing restrictions.”

The one-off lockdown relief will close on May 3rd.

Members can call 3307811 or email for more information.