Lockdown Relief payment update

A total of 6,632 working members have been paid $1.45 million for the COVID-19 lockdown relief, which opened last week on Monday 26 April, 2021.

This payment is specifically for working members who are unable to go to work due to the lockdown restrictions and are not accessing any of the active COVID-19 relief phases, as well as whose wages have been impacted either through reduced or no pay.

Altogether, 10,797 members have applied for this relief – up by 8,920 from the 1,877 applications that had been received by Friday 30 April.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Viliame Vodonaivalu said the government top up amount was $294,042 while FNPF paid $1.16m.

He added that more than 24,900 members’ names have been submitted by employers for the lockdown whitelist.

The Fund sent an SMS blast earlier this week to these members who can now apply on the myFNPF mobile app to access the $220 relief.

“We still have some members who are finding it difficult to reach their employer. We request these members to contact FNPF and to provide the necessary information regarding their employer and our teams will attempt to contact them.”

He urged employers to reach out to the Fund’s team to confirm that their staff are not being paid normal wages during the lockdown period so that they are able to access their FNPF funds.

Employers can call 3238999 or email the listing of their staff to employercovid19lockdown@fnpf.com.fj.

Members who cannot reach their employers can email their details to employercovid19lockdown@fnpf.com.fj.

Final date to submit applications for the lockdown relief is Monday 10 May 2021.

Phase 2 Round 5

FNPF also paid out 35,407 members on Wednesday 5 May, 2021 for Phase 2 Round 5 Cycle 3 totalling $8.5 million, with Government topping up 30,789 members with $7.1 million.

The next payment for Phase 2 Round 5 is scheduled for Tuesday 18 May 2021.

Voluntary members relief

The Fund has also processed 147 applications for voluntary members and has paid out more than $124,498.

These members are accessing $100 – $1,100 depending on their general account balance, with no government top up.

The relief opened on Monday 26 April 2021 and only allows members to apply on the mobile app.

Members must have a minimum general account balance of $135 and must be a voluntary member as at 25 April 2021, before the Voluntary members relief opened.

Home Loan assistance

A total of 73 members have been assisted to date, under the COVID-19 Response (Home Loan Assistance) which commenced 1 April 2021.

The assistance enables members to dip into their Preserved Account to help pay for their mortgage or monthly repayments.

FNPF has paid out $712,923 to banks/lenders for this assistance so far.

“We continue to collaborate with the banks & lenders on this assistance and we have already identified members that qualify as they must have an existing home loan and an existing moratorium in place”, Mr Vodonaivalu said.

Submissions for the home loan assistance will close on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Phase 4 Round 2 relief

As announced by the Fund last week, the Phase 4 Round 2 relief rolled out on Wednesday 5 May 2021. This relief has been extended to include taxi, minibus and hire drivers as well as small business owners.

These members must have at least one contribution between 1 January 2010 and 30 September 2019 and have a minimum general account balance of $85 and eligibility for between $50 to $220.They must also apply on the mobile app.

As of today, the Fund had paid out $34,890 to 262 members for this relief.

“Our teams have been working tirelessly processing applications for various COVID-19 relief for members that are all running concurrently and we will keep striving to meet our member’s needs.”

“We ask our members to bear with us during this period. We are providing limited services at the moment and are working with minimal staff. We do encourage our members not to visit our office unless it is for urgent medical, funeral or cashier services”, Mr Vodonaivalu stated.

Members can call the Fund on 3307811, email information@fnpf.com.fj or reach out to the Fund on its social media sites and are urged to download its digital services (myFNPF mobile app, myFUND, member portal) to continue accessing FNPF services.