Alternative arrangements for FNPF Services

The Fiji National Provident Fund is introducing a short code and mobile numbers in an effort to minimise costs for its members and stakeholders who need to reach out to the Fund during this period of restricted movement.

The short code 5857 and mobile phone contacts for both members and the employer helpline will go live from Monday 17 May 2021. These new contact modes have been activated as part of the Funds business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure services, while limited, will continue to be available for key stakeholders.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Viliame Vodonaivalu said the Fund has not taken lightly the advisories from relevant authorities and the safety of its stakeholders and staff remain a priority.

Early payments for members

“Also as part of our contingency plans, our teams have been clearing pending COVID-19 applications this week and are processing payment for applications that have been approved. This is specifically for members applying for the Lockdown relief, Voluntary Members relief and Phase 4 Round 2.”

“This includes the early payment for Phase 2 Round 5 members, whose relief funds were to be paid next week Tuesday 18 May 2021. We fully understand the challenges that many of our members are facing and hope that this early payment will ease some pressure.”

A total of $9.25m is being paid to 37,077 members for the Phase 2 Round 5 Cycle 4 – with 32,466 receiving a Government top up of $7.7m.

These members will be able to access their funds from tomorrow morning depending on the banks crediting process.

Pension payments & June renewals waiver

FNPF has also made an early payment on 12 May 2021 for pensioners whose payments were due on 14 May 2021. This amounted to $1.6m for 5,502 pensioners.

The Fund has also extended the waiver of pension renewal certificates due in June. Pension payments will continue to be processed and paid based on the presumption of life.

“These are our delicate members and we will strive to make things as convenient as possible for our pensioners.”

Employer Services

Employers are encouraged to utilise the Employer portal for their FNPF business and can email  or call 8901019, 8901023 and 8901130 for further assistance during this period.

The Fund acknowledges the role of employers during this period, especially in ensuring their members are benefitting from the COVID-19 relief for Phase 2 Round 5, Phase 3 Round 4 and as well as the Lockdown relief.

“In this crisis, we expected our employers to be agile to assist us with the COVID-19 assistance; which they have and we are grateful to them for their support.”

Access the Fund online

“The Fund will continue to offer limited services through its digital platforms during this period. Priority will be given to applications for medical and funeral withdrawals, as well as applications for the COVID-19 relief. All other withdrawal or service requests will be addressed on a case by case basis.”

“Our teams have already prepared for operational challenges that would stem from a wider and rigid lockdown and have put in place plans to ensure business continuity for critical services.”

“Key staff and teams have been provided with the relevant resources to enable them to continue to serve our stakeholders during this period”

“We understand there’s a lot of anxiousness, given the strained times we are currently in and we are trying our best to address our members’ expectations.”

Service Arrangements

“Our contact modes continue to be inundated with calls and queries and we are trying our best to respond to these in a timely manner, however, delays should be expected due to the high volume we are receiving.”

“Please bear with us – these are extraordinary times and we will make every effort to continue to serve our members, pensioners and employers during this period.”

Members wishing to apply for urgent medical or funeral withdrawals can simply complete the online withdrawal form that is available on the FNPF website and these will be actioned by the processing teams.

Applications for other FNPF services can be emailed to or through the Fund’s social media pages.

For general FNPF enquiries, members can call 8902936, 8902937, 8902938, 8902939, 8902966, 8902967, 8902969, 8902971, 8902978 and 8902979, during working hours only.

Members and stakeholders are also urged to keep themselves updated by following the Fund on social media or on radio, television and print media.