Month-end closure for Lockdown relief

The Lockdown relief for working members has been extended to the end of the month.

The extension of the containment period has led to the extension of the relief, which was to close today May 17, 2021.

Acting CEO Viliame Vodonaivalu said this extension would give an opportunity for members who are on the lockdown whitelist, and have yet to submit their application, to do so.

“More than 14,600 members have accessed this relief and have been paid $3.1million – more than $631,000 was paid by Government and $2.5m by FNPF.”

Members who would like to access this relief will first have to confirm that their employer is on the whitelist that is updated daily on the FNPF website.

They would only qualify if they are not accessing any of the other active FNPF COVID-19 relief, which includes Phase 2 Round 5, Phase 3 Round 4, the Voluntary Members relief or Phase 4 Round 2.

Also going live tomorrow is the FNPF short code 5857 which members can call for FNPF enquiries.