More relief measures for FNPF members

Two more COVID-19 relief measures for Fiji National Provident Fund members will open on Monday 16th
August, 2021.

The two relief withdrawals are:
i. Phase 3, for members who are working on reduced hours or wage rate;
ii. Low Balance account withdrawal for members between 50-54 years whose total balance is $10,000 or
less and have not worked for the past 12 months or more.

Chief Executive Officer Viliame Vodonaivalu said the Fund continues to explore ways to assist or provide
relief to members, within the scope of the FNPF Act 2011.

“The Fund is the main source of savings for many members and while the purpose of these savings is
retirement – we are also mindful of the hardship many are facing during this challenging period,” said Mr.

“The targeted relief that the Fund has provided since the pandemic started last year, are an extension of
existing partial or early withdrawals allowed by law.”

“The relief for unemployed members opened this week and we continue to stagger the activation of other
relief measures to ensure the administration processes are ready.”

“We are aware that our working members continue to receive reduced wages due to the cutbacks that
businesses have enforced to help them cope. These members will be able to access funds from their
General Account to help them during the relief period.”

Phase 3

Members who qualify for phase three will only access their General Account.

Members must have a minimum General Account balance of $563 in order to access between $528 and
$1,848 depending on their reduced hours or wage rate arrangement.

This is a six-month relief for members who are still employed and payments will be done in two equal
instalments as per the payment timeline, according to when the application is received and approved.

Applications are to be submitted through the Employer Portal.

Low Balance Withdrawal

This is a full withdrawal for members with less than $10,000 and have been unemployed for 12 months
from the date he or she submits an application and between the ages of 50 to 54 years.

It is open to compulsory and voluntary members.

Members can apply on the myFNPF App or they can email their completed application form and the
required documents to

Member accounts will be closed once funds are withdrawn.

The full list of requirements will be available on the FNPF website and members can also contact us via
telephone on 5857 or 3307811, email or the Fund’s social media pages.