FNPF members urged to be vigilant

Fiji National Provident Fund members are urged to refrain from sharing their account information with individuals, claiming to be FNPF agents.

The words of caution was issued following claims that an individual, who is alleged to have misled members and the general public about the distribution of unclaimed FNPF funds.

“This is not the first time we are dealing with this person. Despite warnings, he continues to provide information wrong information to members, creating unnecessary fear and panic,” said Fund Chief Executive Officer Viliame Vodonaivalu.

“Members have come back to us, alleging that this individual is also assisting members with withdrawal applications, digital platforms registration, amongst others. They need to realize the gravity of the situation – especially when entrusting someone with information that is confidential.”

“The Fund has high expectations of staff in terms of members’ financial information but for someone going rogue in the community, we have no control over the usage of the information he or she has gained.”

“FNPF does not have any agents. If it is information you want, talk to one of our staff. We will take legal action against this individual and can only hope that it will deter others from dishonest actions,” said Mr. Vodonaivalu.

The Unclaimed funds list contains names of members in the following three categories:

(1) Deceased Members: members whose nominees are yet to claim their share.

(2) Further Payments: members whose accounts were credited with further contributions after they fully withdrew their savings.

(3) Dormant Accounts: members who are now over the age of 65 years and whose accounts have remained inactive for the past 10 years.

The Unclaimed funds listing was published in the newspapers and social media in February (2022) and is also available on the FNPF website.

These members’ funds are transferred to Unclaimed because they have not been contactable nor have their relatives come forward to claim their funds. The requirements to claim these funds are also updated on the FNPF website.

Members are encouraged to contact the FNPF directly on 3307811 or 5857, email to Information@fnpf.com.fj and live chat on the FNPF website www.myfnpf.com.fj or visit any of our offices for further assistance