FNPF Members To Receive Automated Notifications

The Fiji National Provident Fund has activated an auto-messaging system via email and SMS which notifies members of transaction activities in their FNPF account.

This service entails the sending of an SMS or email notification to members, when there is an activity or transaction in their account such as payment of contributions or withdrawals, amongst others.

Chief Executive Officer Viliame Vodonaivalu said that this initiative will expedite information relayed to members regarding movement in their FNPF account as well as improve the efficiency of its current notification modes.

“This is another level of engagement with our members as it alerts them when activities occur in their FNPF retirement savings accounts allowing them to become more aware.”

“For example, members rely on their employers to pay their contributions on time, however, that is not always the case for some. This notification process will not only help members track their contributions but it also increases their own responsibility towards ensuring that their dues are paid on time,” said Mr. Vodonaivalu.

“This information dissemination initiative is also part of ongoing efforts undertaken by the Fund to ease information accessed by members, in line with the digitization of our services.”

SMS and email notifications will be triggered by the following:

  • contribution payment received and updated in members’ accounts (compulsory and voluntary members);
  • withdrawal application received, approved and has been completed through the release of funds into the members bank account, or declined/rejected.
  • change in the status of an application for progressive payments;
  • payment of interest into a member’s account.

Members are encouraged to update their email address and phone numbers. Equally important for security reasons, is that these contacts belong to them and are used solely by them.

Members can contact the Fund by calling 5857 or email: Information@fnpf.com.fj to update their phone numbers and email addresses.