Annual Performance

Investment Portfolio

A fundamental role of the FNPF is to provide our members with sustainable retirement outcomes.


Following strong returns from last year, this year exceeded expectation, which was visible through the declaration of 6% interest credited to members’ accounts despite the low-interest rate environment continuing from 2021.


The rapid and unexpected effects of COVID-19 impacted the domestic and international markets significantly. Despite the ensuing effects, the Fund remained committed to preserving and growing members’ funds and providing support to members in need where possible.


The long-awaited border openings provided a positive way forward as 2022 was a year of recovery for the Fund and the nation. There was renewed confidence and trust in the tourism industry and this showed in FNPF’s hotel investments.


Despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic, 2022 was a strong year for some of FNPF’s key investments which had an overall impact on Fund investments. The investment portfolio grew from $8.1 billion in 2021 to close with $8.6 billion in 2022.


Despite the significant COVID-19 pay-outs to members, the Fund was able to achieve growth in the investment portfolio. The Return on Investment achieved in 2022 was 7.4% (net).


The FNPF’s broad investment objective is to maximize returns to members over the medium to long term, subject to constraints in the operating environment, cyclical economic impacts and fluctuations in returns over the short-term, to ensure an appropriate balance between risk and return. The Fund continued to invest as per its current asset allocation strategy.