Become a Whistleblower
Become a Whistleblower

Become a Whistleblower

Our vision is to secure our members future by growing their retirement savings. The Fund has strong values, which are well embedded in our culture. We believe that with these values, it will help us deliver our corporate strategies.

With Accountability and Integrity being part of our corporate values, the Fund has in place a Whistle Blower Policy. (Click here to view the Whistleblower policy)

“Whistle Blowing – is a process established to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns within an organization prior to seeking resolution outside”

These concerns includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Fraud, theft or misappopriation
  2. Use of inside information by an employee for private gain
  3. Giving or receiving of bribe, gifts, benefits or any thing of value which would impair objectivity in the performance of an employee’s responsibilities
  4. Inappropriate disclosure of FNPF’s confidential information (including intellectual property)
  5. Engaging in activities that compromise or are potentially in conflict with the interests of the Fund
  6. Breach of FNPF policies
  7. Any illegal act

To report any of the above, please complete the form below, and the Fund will response to you in due course. The Fund will take all the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality of the information that is received, and for any investigation that is carried out on the disclosure.

If your concerns do not fall within the Whisteblower Policy, please submit your queries by Contacting Us.

Or else please fill the following form:

Whistleblower Form