Code of Fair Practice

Code of Fair Practice

The Code of Fair Practice is a promise FNPF makes to its stakeholders. It outlines expected standards of behaviour that stakeholders should receive from our staff. The Code ensures that stakeholders should be able to expect the same standard of care and service from any FNPF office, whether they are there to lodge an application, contribution schedule or to make a payment.

The Code of Fair Practice helps the FNPF promote good, fair, trustworthy practices when dealing with its stakeholders. It also sets a guideline to increase transparency to allow stakeholders to have a better understanding of the standard of services they should expect when dealing with the Fund.

The Code applies to the Fund’s Board directors, Management and all employees of the Fund.

The FNPF Act 2011 requires the Fund to fulfil 7 commitments when establishing a Code of Fair Practice. These 7 commitments are incorporated into 4 main categories in the Code.

The 4 categories are:

  1. Ensuring open, transparent, fair, non-discriminatory, and accurate dealings with FNPF Members and Annuitants.
  2. Ensuring professional dealings with Employers are maintained;
  3. Timely and courteous communication with FNPF Members and Annuitants; and
  4. Confidentiality of Information.