Home Loan Assistance

COVID-19 Response - Home Loan Assistance

FNPF members who are affected by the pandemic can apply for the COVID-19 Response (Home Loan Assistance) from 1 April 2021. This assistance will close on 31 December 2021.

The COVID-19 Home Loan assistance will enable members to dip into their preserved account to help pay for their mortgage or monthly repayments.


1.Who is eligible for this assistance?

  • Any member affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and qualifies for FNPF relief assistance;
  • The member must have an existing home loan and made arrangements for a loan repayment holiday(moratorium) by 31 March 2021; and
  • He/she must be the legal owner of the property under the mortgage; and
  • The property under a mortgage is his/her principal place of residence (that is, it is not an investment property).


2.What is the eligibility calculations for this assistance?

You can access 100% of your General Account (balance at the time of application) and 50% of your Preserved Account balance at the commencement date (1 April 2021).


3.What is the minimum and maximum monthly loan repayment that members can apply for?

The minimum repayment term is three (3) months and the maximum term is twelve (12) months.


4.What documents will I need to submit with my application?

  • The latest certified copy of title, not more than 1month old;
  • Valid photo ID. The banks/lenders will provide us with the following:
  • Latest home loan account statement;
  • Home loan monthly repayments;
  • Moratorium agreement with member;
  • Copy of Original offer and latest variation letter
  • Any other document specified in the COVID-19-U02 form or required during the process.


5.How do I lodge my application?

The applications will be lodged through your banks/lenders. You will need to complete the application form COVID19-U02 and provide all the requirements that are listed on the form – these will be provided to your banks/lenders who will then lodge your applications with FNPF.


6.How long will it take to process this application?

Once received from the banks/lenders and with all requirements provided, processing will take between 8 to 30 working days.

  • No charge placed – 8 working days;
  • Charged placed – up to 30 working days.