Current Projects
Current Projects

Sheraton Refurbishment Project

The Sheraton Fiji Golf and Beach Resort has been successfully refurbished by FNPF’s wholly-owned subsidiary Barton Pte Ltd.

The newly renovated facilities were transferred to Marriott (operator) in March 2022 and it coincided with the recent opening of Fiji’s international borders.

As a result of the renovation, Sheraton Fiji has set a new standard on Denarau and now offers superior services and products in comparison to other hotels in the area. The Fund’s decision to refurbish the resort was well-timed due to the closing of borders and low occupancy.

Westin Upgrade

Currently, the Westin refurbishment is at the design documentation phase and tenders or requests for proposals will be submitted to the shortlisted contractors.

Marriott has completed and approved the mock room.

The reopening of Westin’s business operations is anticipated to occur in the second quarter of 2024 based on a comprehensive refurbishment programme and a 15-month construction timeline