Current Projects
Current Projects

Sheraton Refurbishment Project

The refurbishment for Sheraton Fiji is due for completion in November 2021. The refurbishment covers all facilities at the resort including the construction of a new sea wall to protect the newly upgraded property. The resort will be better placed competitively, offering superior products and services when compared to other hotels in the same vicinity.

The closure of borders and low occupancy was an opportune time for the Fund to upgrade the resort. Marriott will be responsible for the hotel operation after the full completion
of the renovations.

Westin Upgrade

Construction of the Westin mock up room progresses with target for completion in October 2021. The main focus for Westin would be the refurbishment of the mock up room and roof works. The Tender process for phase 1 works for Westin is expected to commence from October 2021 with a maximum of 12 months’ construction period.