Current Projects
Current Projects

Sheraton Refurbishment Project

The refurbishment of Sheraton is towards completion stage with handover to Marriott targeted by June 2021. Initial completion date was by May 2021 but has to be deferred due to the national lock down from COVID-19.

The refurbishment covers all facilities in Sheraton and also a new sea wall for the hotels protection. Compared to other 5 start resorts on Denarau, Sheraton should be in a better competitive position now to offer superior product to guests, once the tourism industry recovers.

FNPF has chosen a perfect time to undertake the Sheraton upgrade whilst the tourism businesses are at a stand-still therefore the opportunity cost of closing the resort for upgrade is zero.

Marriott will be responsible for the hotels operation after FNPF hands over the newly refurbishment Sheraton to them.

Westin Upgrade

Construction of the Westin Mock Up Room is now progressing with targeted completion date to be by June 2021.

The main focus for Westin at this early stage would be the refurbishment of the mock up room and roof works. Management is targeting to tender the first phase of Westin works in June with 12 months’ construction period at the maximum.

While Tourism business is still low, it will also be the ideal time to fast-track the Westin refurbishment work.

Nadi Retail Development

The new Nadi Retail Complex is expected to be open in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

This timeline may be deferred should Government extend lock down for Viti Levu. At this stage, the completion and occupancy certificates has been received from Nadi Town Council.

Tenancy rate is currently at 65% occupancy and management is continuing to pursuing the market to ensure we achieve the right tenancy mix.