COVID-19 Office Protocols
Withdrawal Scheme


With the outbreak of  COVID-19 community transmission, the safety of our staff, members and visitors is paramount to the Fund. Thus, we request you to comply with the Ministry of Health guidelines at all times and adhere to these COVID-19 protocols if you are visiting any of our offices.


1. CareFiji App

You must have the CareFiji app activated and operational at all times while on the premises. The “Check-In” QR code is currently required to be available at our office premises, however, you are requested to proceed through security upon arrival.


2. Face Masks

You must wear a facemask at all times while you are on-site.


3. Sanitize

You must sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the premises.


4. Temperature Check

Allow the security team to check your temperature. If your temperature is above 37.8°C then you cannot enter the premises and will be referred to the nearest health facility.


5. Social Distancing

Always keep 2 meter distancing while you are at the premises.


6. Entry and Exit Points

Use the same route.


We encourage our members to access our digital platforms during this time. If you move, then the virus moves.


The Fund will not take advisories from the Health Ministry lightly and will take action against any member or visitor that breaches the above health protocols.


The safety of our members, visitors and staff all remain a priority.