Grow Your Savings
Grow Your Savings

Retirement Calculator

Use our new Retirement Calculator to project the retirement income you want. 

Are you saving enough ?

Making extra contributions is a great way to boost your retirement savings. The more you save, the more interest you will earn through compounding and the quicker your funds will grow so that you can enjoy the retirement you want.

Who can apply?

Compulsory members can pay more than the mandated 8% employee contribution through additional contribution.

Whether it is through a consistent deduction from your salary, or lump sum payments from a bonus, your personal savings or income from an alternative source, you can now boost your savings.

The allocation of your additional contribution to your General Account (GA) & Preserved Account (PA) will also be up to you!

Benefits of paying additional contribution

  1. Zero fees and taxes on your savings.
  2. 6% average interest in the last 3 years
  3. Choose where to pay the additional contribution (to your GA and/or PA)
  4. Grow your funds quicker. With compounding interest, consistent contribution and minimal withdrawals, you can have much more for your retirement.
  5. Invest with Fiji’s biggest financial institution.

How can I add more to my savings?

  1. Direct payment – You (or a third party) can pay any amount to your FNPF account at any time. There is no payment limit and no form to complete for this option. Any manual payment of $10,000 or more will require a declaration for the source of funds.


  1. Direct deduction through your employer – Your employer can deduct an approved amount from your salary on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on your pay cycle. You will need to complete the Employee Additional Contribution Form (EAC1 Form) and submit to your employer for verification.


  1. Direct payment + direct deduction –Whilst you have the direct deduction arrangement in place, you can also walk through and deposit lump sums from your personal savings, a bonus, small business profit or from a loved one to your FNPF account.


For additional contribution through direct deduction, you will need to:

  1. Complete the Employee Additional Contribution Form (EAC1 Form) and;
  2. Submit to your employer to sign off. Your employer will need to ensure that your commitment level must not exceed 50%, or 75% (if there is a housing loan)


Payment Modes

The following are the modes of payment that you can opt for to pay additional contribution to your FNPF account


Direct Payment (personal or third party – you can pay additional contribution at any time)


  1. myFNPF App: Pay directly through the app using M-PAiSA, BSP’s Easy Card, or any banks VISA (debit/ credit) cards, and MasterCard
  2. FNPF Cashiers: Visit any FNPF office to pay with cash or a bank cheque.
  3. MPAiSA App: Pay conveniently using your existing M-PAiSA account.
  4. Direct Deposit: Make an over-the-counter deposit at your preferred bank.
  5. Internet Banking: Easily transfer your contribution directly to our bank account online.


Note: Make sure to include your FNPF number in the “narration” reference field whenever you make a payment to your FNPF account. This applies to both online payments (internet banking & MPAiSA) and manual deposits at a bank branch.


Direct Deduction through your employer

  1. Direct deduction from payroll. Payment through your employer will depend on the frequency agreed on the EAC1 Form.


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