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As a member you can access your contribution to assist you and your family with funeral expenses.


Whose Death Can A Member Withdraw For?

  • Member’s Spouse
  • Member’s Parents
  • Member’s Siblings
  • Member’s Children


What is the amount that can be withdrawn for funeral assistance and what does it cover?

  • The amount applied for must be within the member’s General Account.
  • The maximum withdrawal permitted is $2000 for each funeral.


FNPF will NOT assist for the following

1. This assistance shall only be given to members whose deceased relatives does not qualify for Special Death Benefit Funeral Assistance of $2000


Other important notes

1. The next of kin is to apply for this assistance within 30 working days from the date of death

2. Payment is made directly to the member’s valid bank account


Evidence of relationship of the deceased to the member

1. Original or certified full extract of birth & marriage certificate printed after year 2000 (if applicable).


Documents to be submitted with an application

1. The member must apply by filing a completed prescribed
application form
2. Original or certified copy of Medical Certificate of Cause of Death stamped and signed by the authorized medical official or Death Certificate.
3. If member is applying for siblings funeral expenses, a statutory declaration is required from the next of kin or
other siblings authorizing the member to withdraw funds and confirming deceased marital status under funeral
assistance for the deceased person.
4. Documentary evidence is required to confirm the
relationship between the member, deceased person and the person declaring.
5. Members latest copy of Bank Statement



Method of Payment

Payment is made to the member’s bank account.


Processing Time

1. 3 working days from the date of submission by the member.




Growing your funds

Thinking of how you can grow your funds.
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FNPF myFund 

myFund is a value-adding service that basically allows our members to check their account balances and eligibilities on their mobile phones.

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