Filling A Contribution Schedule Form

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Step 1 – Fill in the Monthly Summary Details



  1. Employer Reference NoUnique FNPF ID given by FNPF when you are registered as an Employer. For employers that were given FNPF IDs prior December 2014, you can easily comply by just adding EN100 to your current employer reference number or FNPF ID.
  2. Employer Name The name of your employer  that is on our records. If this has changed please inform us.
  3. Employer Trade NameFor employers who trade under a different name. Please inform us if this has changed.
  4. Contribution TypeThis will always be compulsory.
  5. Total WagesThe total of all the employees’ monthly wages or salary.
  6. Contribution MonthThe month after the wages month.
  7. Wages MonthThe month in which you pay out your employees.
  8. CS CodeA code assigned for each type of employee (s) that you want to pay separately for every month. For example if you want to have your management processed differently from your staff then each type is assigned a CS Code.


Step 2 – Fill in the Employee Details


  1. First Name, Middle Name, Last NameThe name of your employee as per the name on his her birth certificate.
  2. Compulsory Contribution AmountThis is the 8% deducted from your employee’s wages plus the 10% from you.
  3. Employer Additional Contribution AmountIf you as an employer choose to pay more than the compulsory 10% to your employee.
  4. Member Additional Contribution AmountIf your employee chooses to have more than 8% deducted from his or her wages. Please refer to Increase Your Contribution for more details.
  5. Total Contribution AmountThe total of (2),(3) and (4). This must not exceed 30% of your employees’ monthly wages.
  6. Monthly Gross SalaryThe gross monthly wages/salary due to your employee in Fijian Dollars.
  7. Employment StatusThe status of you employee during the wages month. There are currently 3 types of statuses
    1. 1 – Active : employee was working during the wages month.
    2. 2 – On Leave : employee was on unpaid leave during the wages month. This is to formally notify FNPF not expect any contribution payment.
    3. 3 – Terminated : employee is no longer working for you.
  8. Employment Status DateThe date in which the status in (7) above became effective.
  9. Payment FrequencyHow often do you regularly pay your employee(s). Currently we have listed 4 types:
    1.  1 – Weekly
    2.  2 – Bi Monthly
    3.  3 - Fortnightly
    4.  4 – Monthly


Step 3 – Signing Off


The last part of filling your FNPF monthly contribution form is writing down your details if you are responsible for filling the form.




pdf iconContribution Schedule Form

pdf iconContribution Schedule Form Guide

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Filling in a CS Form Manually

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Completing a Contribution Schedule form manually online via the FNPF website . Click on the video above for more details.


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