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This option is suitable if you employ more than 20 employees or have a high employee turnover rate.

The text file should follow our text file specification and if you do use a payroll system, please provide the text file specification to your payroll system provider.

If you do not use a payroll system then you will have to convert your contribution schedule from excel to text.



Step 1 – Upload the text file.

  1. Once you have logged in, click on the Contribution Link and select the option Submit A New Contribution Schedule.
  2. Select the option Upload the Contribution Schedule (txt file format) and click on Continue.
  3. Click on Choose File
  4. Select the text file from your PC.
  5. Click on the Upload File






Step 2 – Check the status of the file you uploaded

  1. Once you have the message “File has been successfully received. File will soon be uploaded…”, click on the link View Status of an Uploaded File.
  2. Enter the date you uploaded the text in the Uploaded Date From field.
  3. Click on Search



  • Status – This refers to the status of the text file you had uploaded. There are 4 statuses:
    • Unprocessed – The text file is still on the queue.
    • Uploaded – The text file is being checked by the system.
    • Review – Checking is completed however we had found errors on the text file. You will have to correct the errors and re-upload.
    • Processed – Checking is completed and the Contribution Schedule has been created.



Step 3 – Check the Contribution Schedule created.

  1. Click on View CS Header
  2. Enter the contribution month on the CS Month field and contribution year on the CS Year field and select Contribution Type as compulsory
  3. Click on Search



  • CS Header Status – This will tell you if you need to check some other details on the contribution schedule form created. There are 3 statuses:
    • Pending – Open up the contributions schedule by clicking on the CS Month. You need to check one of employee details that is still in review.
    • Approved – System has checked and all records are in order.
    • Posted – System has checked and all records are in order and contribution has been credited into your employee(s) FNPF account. This will only appear if the contribution payment has already been made.




[convert from excel to text]

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Uploading a Text File Online

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How to upload your Contribution Schedule form on the ESS portal on the FNPF website Click on the video above for more details.


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