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You can choose to pay more than the mandated 5% contributions from your wages to boost your FNPF savings, allowing you to save more for your retirement.


How much you can contribute?

Effective 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2021, the compulsory employer contribution is 5% and the employee contribution is 5% as well.

Excess contribution is paid by some companies as part of their workers’ benefits paid in additional to the 5% mandated contribution.

Employees can also choose to pay more than the 5% employee contribution by signing up for addtional contribution. There is no maximum limit on the additional contribution. However, the  employer needs to ensure that they comply with the Employment Regulations Act which gives consideration to employees’ financial commitments.


Can I decide which account to be increased?

You will need to decide which account the additional contribution is allocated, the Preserved or General Account and/or both.


How Do I Apply?

  • Complete the EAC1 Form
  • Get your employer to sign off on commitment level (inclusive of additional contributions) as per requirements of Section 47(5) of the Employment Relation Promulgation 2007.

FNPF will assess and ensure that deductions are FNPF compliant. You can apply to revoke or amend your request, 3 months from the date of approval.



  • Accumulate your retirement savings
  • Grow your savings through annual interest paid
  • Tax free savings


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