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Who is eligible to claim for the members funds?

  1. Persons who are nominated in the last valid nomination filed with the Fund are eligible to withdraw the deceased member’s contributions.
  2. Monies in the deceased member’s general and preserved accounts, plus any special death benefit if member is eligible will be paid out according to the shares allocated by the nominator.
  3. Where there is no valid nomination, monies in the deceased member’s account shall be paid to the High Court for distribution.
  4. Where the nominee (other than the spouse) is below the age of 18, then the monies will be paid to the High Court of Fiji.
  5. On the event of the death of a nominee, his/her share will be regarding as unallocated amount and it will be paid to the High Court of Fiji.
  6. If spouse is the sole nominee, then he/she will be eligible for Retirement product.


What documents do you need to submit with the NOMINEE CLAIM forms?

  1. The nominee(s) must return the claim form – FNPF FW02N duly completed.
  2. Nominee(s) birth certificate - full extract printed after year 2000.
  3. Nominee(s) latest bank statement for local bank deposit.
  4. For overseas bank deposit, detailed bank account information, certified copies of passport and visa.
  5. I.D of the nominee, that is, FNPF Joint ID card or, other valid ID cards such as driver’s license and passport.


Pension Options (available if spouse is the sole nominee)

  1. Life Pension regular monthly payment paid out to the pensioner until he/she dies. It can be a sole or joint pension and different rates are applied for each.
  2. Term Annuity allows a member to set all or set aside some of his/her balance in their FNPF account for a fixed term of 5, 10 or 15 years; different rates apply for each of the fixed terms.
  3. Lump Sum withdrawal allows member to withdraw some, or all, of their pension conversion amount as a lump sum.
  4. A combination of lump sum and/or life pension and/or term annuity.


Important to note:

  • The Pension option submitted and accepted by FNPF shall be deemed to be the final decision of the member; thus, it’s important for the member to carefully consider his/her options and to choose wisely.
  • Member cannot make changes to the pension options after the acceptance of the application form by FNPF. Again, the need to consider your options and choose wisely.


Method of Payment

  1. Shall be directly made to nominee’s nominated bank account.
  2. Any bank charges for the purchase of a bank draft or telegraphic transfer is deducted from the member’s withdrawal payment.



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