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Who qualifies to withdraw?

  1. The member must be medically-certified to be physically or mentally incapacitated from ever engaging in further employment.
  2. The certification of must be made by a medical practitioner, registered under Part II of the Medical Practitioner’s Act.
  3. FNPF may appoint one or more members of the Medical Board to review and assess the medical report submitted by the member and make appropriate recommendation.
  4. The member may be requested by the Medical Board to provide further evidence documentary evidence of his/ her condition.
  5. For members who are unable to sign due to their physical condition, the member is required to complete and submit FNPF7 (Change of Records form).


What documents do you need to submit?

  1. The member has to complete FNPF form FW03 (Medical).
  2. The medical practitioner completes form FNPF FW03MP.
  3. A detailed medical report on medical institute’s official letter head stamped and signed by the medical practitioner registered under Part 11 of Medical Practitioners Act.
  4. Acceptance of resignation or termination of employment letter on medical grounds from last employer (if employed in last 6 months) signed by the employer and on the employers letter head.
  5. FNPF Membership card.
  6. An original or certified full extract of birth & marriage certificate printed after year 2000 (if applicable).
  7. Certified copy of member’s recent photo ID in absence of FNPF Joint ID card.
  8. Where member opts for joint pension, members original or certified marriage certificate, spouse’s original or certified birth certificate and certified passport photo.
  9. If member opting for Pension, original or certified (by lawyer or Commissioner of Oath or Notary Public (Overseas)  birth certificate and passport size photo of the Nominee. Original or certified copy of Marriage certificate and certified passport photo (if applicable).
  10. Latest bank statement (Local/Overseas).
  11. Where member opts for payment into overseas bank accounts, the member shall submit details of overseas bank account number and branch address, BSB number, swift code and routing number.
  12. Where a member is not mentally capable of making decisions, a report from the committee appointed under Medical Treatment Act certifying the mental condition of the member.


Pension Options

  1. Life Pension regular monthly payment paid out to the pensioner until he/she dies. It can be a sole or joint pension and different rates are applied for each.
  2. Term Annuity allows a member to opt for full or part of his/her balance in their FNPF account for a fixed term of 5, 10 or 15 years; different rates apply for each of the fixed terms.
  3. Lump Sum Withdrawal allows member to withdraw some or all, of his/her balance in their FNPF account amount as a lump sum.
  4. A combination of lump sum and/or life pension and/or term annuity.


Impotant to note:

  • The Pension option submitted and accepted by FNPF shall be deemed to be the final decision of the member; thus, it’s important for the member to carefully consider his/her options and to choose wisely.
  • Member cannot make changes to the pension options after the acceptance of the application form by FNPF. Again, the need to consider your options and choose wisely.
  • Ensure to obtain Pension and Term Annuity Key Features Statement from the Fund prior to finalization of the selected option.


Method of Payment

  1. Payment will be made directly to member’s bank account.
  2. Any bank charges for the purchase of a bank draft or telegraphic transfer is deducted from the member’s withdrawal payment.

Growing your funds

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