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 Is it compulsory to join FNPF?

 YES, if you are employed, and:

  • are a Fiji Citizen.
  • between 15 and 55 years of age.
  • being paid for work; a contract of/ for service.


NO, if you are self-employed or. 

  • a domestic servant working for a private employer in a domestic house. 
  • have withdrawn all your contributions after satisfying one of the withdrawal ground and have opted not to re-join FNPF. 
  • Belong to an exempted category (not a Fiji Citizen). 

*If you're not an FNPF member, you can join as a Voluntary Member.


How do I Join?

  • Your first employer will register you with with the FNPF by submitting the compulsory member registration form or FNPF 3.
  • You are also required to fill out a Nomination form to ensure your funds are allocated to your loved ones in the event of your death.



pdf icon FNPF 3 Employee Registration Form

pdf icon FNPF 5 Memorandum of Nomination Form



How do I get my FNPF ID Card?

You will need to fill the FNPF/FRCS Joint ID card form. This card can be used to access services provided by both FNPF and FRCS.

Keep your card in a safe place as it is a primary source of identification when requiring FNPF services and when you change employment.



pdf iconFNPF 3B Card Request Form

imagesJoint Card Brochure



How are my Contributions determined?

Your share of contribution is calculated and deducted at the time of payment of wages, which may be on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

The current rate of contribution (effective 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2021) is 10% of the total wages (inclusive of cents) earned, with the employer and employee each contribution 5% and 5% respectively.



How does FNPF manage my Contributions?

Any contribution credited into your FNPF account will automatically be split into your Preserved (70%) and General (30%) accounts upon receipt.


Preserved Account

Your preserved account is reserved for your retirement. It enables you as a member to accumulate savings during your working life to ensure that you have a meaningful balance when you retire.

The only time when you can access your Preserved Account for a withdrawal, is to purchase a vacant land, an existing house or to build a house.


General Account

Your General Account can be accessed under the FNPF approved withdrawal grounds.

 These include: education, medical, funeral and unemployment.


 Re-entrant Members

If you have withdrawn your FNPF savings under the Full Withdrawal Grounds for Retirement or Migration and get yourself re-employed, then you can re-join FNPF.

 Simply complete the Re-entry form and submit it at your nearest FNPF Office.

 Download: FNPF Re-entry Form

Growing your funds

Thinking of how you can grow your funds.
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FNPF myFund 

myFund is a value-adding service that basically allows our members to check their account balances and eligibilities on their mobile phones.

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