Phase 2 Round 4 Requirements

IMPORTANT NOTE: Members who withdrew in Phase 2 Round 3 and indicated for continual assistance will receive a text from FNPF next week 6 Jan 2021, to advise whether you need to reapply or not.



The maximum withdrawal amount is $1,100 per member from their General Account (GA). Government will top up to the maximum amount for members with insufficient General Account.


Submission modes

There are only two accepted methods of submissions:

1. myFNPF app Download from:

2. Employer Portal :

No applications are to be submitted via email or in any other form. 


What documents will I need to submit with this application?

• Valid bank account details (if applicable)

• Letter of Unemployment (first application only on the myFNPF mobile app)



You will receive $220 on a fortnightly basis and will be paid out in the following preferred modes:

  • Direct Transfer to Bank Account
  • Post Fiji Bill Pay

The application must be received and approved before the application deadline, to receive the first instalment. Any missed cycle payments will be paid in the members first payment.


NOTE: The Fund will not amend/cancel/terminate any application mid-way through the Phase. You must ensure that you submit the correct information.



COVID-19 Phase 2 Round 4 Application Form