Phase 3 Round 3 Requirements

1. Who can apply?

Members who are affected by reduced hours and/or reduced wage rates due to COVID-19.


2. Where can I lodge my application?

You must apply through your employer. Member must discuss & agree with his/her employer on which category they qualify for.

3. What documents will I need to submit with my application?

No documents are required.


4. How will I receive my funds?

Payment will be paid out in the following preferred mode:

• Direct Transfer to Bank Account


• Post Fiji Bill Pay


5. If I am on reduced hours and reduced wage rate then can I apply for both?

Your employer will decide on the applicable category depending on your working situation.


6. How muich will I receive in Phase 3 Round 3?

i. Reduced Hours (Government Top Up Applicable)

P3 reduced hours


ii. Reduced wage rate (Government Top Up Applicable)

Reduced wage rate P3


Payment Timeline

Depending on the date the application is approved and received by the Fund:

• members on reduced hours will receive their first payment in the subsequent payment cycle.

• members on reduced wage rate will receive the lump sum payment as per payment dates.

Phase 3 payment dates



 COVID-19 Phase 3 Round 3 Application Form