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Life certainly does not end at 55 however if you have reached the age of 55, you can choose to exercise your eligibility to either withdraw your money and or take pension with us.

Here are some of the important details you need to check first

  • Make sure you birth details with us are correct.


  • Your current signature is the same signature we have on our records.


  • Check your contributions have all been paid your employer.



What Are My Options

These are the Retirement options available to you. They are:

1. Life Pension

2. Term Annuity

3. Lump Sum

4. Combination (1),(2) and (3).


How Do I Apply

1. Download the Retirement Application form (FW01) and FNPF 9NOP (if you choose Life Pension and or Term Annuity)

2. Complete the form(s) and lodge it together with the required documents at any of our offices nearest to you.


# Document Description
1 Birth Certificate
  • Certified copy or Original
2 Bank Statement
  • Under your name.
  • Not more than a month old
  • BSP number (Overseas members only)
  • Swift Code (Overseas members only)
  • Routing number (Overseas members only)
3 FNPF Membership Card
  • To be given back to FNPF.
4 Re-entry Form
  • Only if you choose to re-join FNPF later.
5 Nomination Form
  • Only if you choose to re-join FNPF later.
6 Secondary ID
  • Other valid IDs such as driver’s license and passport copies.


When is my pension due?

Your first pension will be paid out on your entitlement date. After which, your pension will be paid out on the 14th or 30th of every month, depending on how close it is to your entitlement date. The date of entitlement is the date your pension option application is approved on paper.



Can I get my pension paid out before my due date?

No, you can only receive your pension on or after the due date.



Who can certify Renewal Certificates?

The following individuals can certify your renewal certificate:

  • Justice of Peace
  • Commission of Oaths
  • District Officer
  • Minister of Religion
  • Bank Manager
  • Medical Practitioner
  • FNPF Officer authorised for this purpose by the Chief Executive


Can I sign my Renewal Certificate before my due date?

No, it can only be signed after the due date. This is an important requirement as it validates your status for further pension payment.



Does the renewal certificate have an impact on my Pension payment?

Yes, it does. Without the completed renewal certificate, FNPF will not release your pension payments. It is therefore important that the renewal certificates are forwarded to us when it is due. This will ensure continuity in pension payments.



If I am employed beyond the age of 55 years, is my employer still legally liable to pay my FNPF contributions?

Yes, your FNPF contributions are paid until you cease compulsory employment.



What will happen to my savings if I do not withdraw my FNPF savings at age 55 years?

Your savings will remain in your account, and will continue to attract the annual interest paid by the Fund.

However, if you are over 55 years, and your account has been inactive (no withdrawals or contributions) for 10 consecutive years, FNPF will transfer your funds to the Unclaimed Deposits Account (UDA). Your funds will remain in the UDA for 10 years during which time you can claim for these funds and have these paid to you. If it remains unclaimed after a further 10 years, then it is transferred to the Fund’s General Reserve, where these funds will NO longer be payable to the member.

The FNPF usually advertises the name of members, whose funds are in the UDA, before transferring them to the General Reserve.
It is therefore extremely important that you make a decision on your savings at the appropriate time especially after retirement.


Processing Time

  • Payment shall be made within 3 working days of receipt of a completed application.


  • Any correction to your FNPF account transactions before your withdrawal will take 14 working days.


  • Any correction to your personal details before your withdrawal will take 5 working days.

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