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A former employee of BP Homecentres, Mr. Vu now resides at his village in Noco, Rewa and attributes the independence he enjoys now, to his decision to sign up for the joint pension. He and his wife receive $300 a month. This, he says, is more than enough for life in the village.

apimelekiMr. Vu still plants root crops and vegetables near his home and enjoys the occasional mana or mangrove lobsters – a delicacy that the Rewa province is known for.

The Rorogo team caught up with Mr. Vu this week when he dropped in for a visit to General Manager Member Services Alipate Waqairawai.

Mr. Vu shared that as he was approaching retirement age, he had received information on the different retirement options for FNPF members. He mulled over this information for quite a while before settling on the joint pension product as his retirement option for his hard earned FNPF savings.

He said that he didn't want to be dependent on anyone else when he reached retirement age.

When he finally retired in 2003, he took a lump sum payment and transferred more than $30,000 to his pension account for his joint pension. The monthly pension he and his wife receive, covers their daily expenses as well as some village and church commitments.

They live in their own home, which he built whilst still in active employment.

Mr. Vu accessed his savings to fund the construction of his home. He follows FNPF developments and growth and never misses Mr. Waqairawai's participation on FBC's radio talkback shows.

He says, that is his opportunity to find out more about what is happening at FNPF and then shares the information he receives. Mr. Vu said he always feels so proud of the many properties FNPF now owns, knowing that his savings contributed in some way to those investments.

He was one of the lucky pensioners who recently spent a night at the iconic Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay. That was an unexpected treat and was the reason for his visit to Mr. Waqairawai. Mr. Vu expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to experience the Marriott resort.

He adds that he will keep on spreading the good news about FNPF and hopes that members will make good decisions about their savings when they reach retirement age.

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