Manage Your Funds
Manage Your Funds

Survivor (Death of a member) Notify FNPF of death

The member’s next of kin may notify the Fund of the death of a member.

Documentation requirements

a. An advice of death may be filed by member’s next of kin by completing form FNPF FW02 (Death).
b. Certified original copies of the following documents pertaining to the member:

  • Death certificate issued by Registrar General’s Office.
  • Birth certificate (to have ‘DECEASED’ watermark if the member died overseas).
  • Latest extract of marriage certificate (in the case where a member was married more than once, all marriage certificates).
  • If member was never married, a statutory declaration by the next of kin witnessed by a lawyer confirming the deceased marital status.
  • If member was divorced a statutory declaration by next of kin witnessed by a lawyer confirming the deceased marital status after divorce with a certified copy of the latest extract of the marriage certificate with the divorce details and/or decree absolute.
  • A detailed employment history of the deceased showing Employer Name & address and period of employment.
  • Other forms of ID of the informant if required for proper ID verification. That is FNPF membership card or, other valid ID such as driver’s license and passport.


Eligible to claim for the members funds

a. Persons who are nominated in the last valid nomination filed with the Fund are eligible to withdraw the deceased member’s contributions.
b. Monies in the deceased member’s general and preserved accounts, plus any special death benefit if member is eligible will be paid out according to the shares allocated by the nominator.
c. Where there is no valid nomination, monies in the deceased member’s account shall be paid to the High Court for distribution.
d. Where the nominee (other than the spouse) is below the age of 18, then the monies will be paid to the High Court of Fiji.
e. On the event of the death of a nominee, his/her share will be regarding as unallocated amount and it will be paid to the High Court of Fiji.
f. If spouse is the sole nominee, then he/she will be eligible for Retirement product.

Documents Requirments

The nominee(s) must return the claim form – FNPF FW02N duly completed.

a. Nominee(s) birth certificate – full extract printed after year 2000.
b. Nominee(s) latest bank statement for local bank deposit.
c. For overseas bank deposit, detailed bank account information, certified copies of passport and visa.
d.  I.D of the nominee, that is, FNPF Joint ID card or, other valid ID cards such as driver’s license and passport.

SDB Funeral Assistance (What is SDB?)

a. Only the person nominated by the eligible deceased member to receive the SDB Funeral Assistance may apply.
b. Payment shall be made in accordance with Memorandum of Administration filed by the member.
c. Memorandum of Administration form shall be valid at time of death.
d. Maximum of $2,000 will be given under this scheme.
e. Assistance is for funeral expenses of the deceased member. This assistance cannot be accessed for any other expenses related to the member.
f. The executor is to apply for this assistance within 20 working days from date of death

Documentation requirements

a. The executor must apply using application Form FW04.
b. Certified copies of the Medical certificate of cause of death, by the hospital prior to burial/cremation or;
c. Death certificate issued by Registrar of Births and Deaths.
d. Deceased and executors original/certified copy of birth certificate.
e. Evidence from the nominated person’s banker confirming the member’s open bank account number for payment deposits. Evidence should not be more than a month old.
f. Certified copy of the Executor’s valid ID.

Method of Payment

Payment is made directly to the applicant’s bank account.