Register an employee
Register an employee

Who do I need to register

You will need to register the following individuals, on their first day of work:

  1. An individual who, being in Fiji, is engaged under a contract to perform manual labour
  2. An individual who, being a resident of Fiji, by a person who has a place of business in Fiji
  3. An individual engaged to provide services under a contract or arrangement under which the person is paid by commission or similar payments

How do I register an employee

  1. Download and complete the Employee registration form.
  2. Bring the form with all the required documents to any FNPF office nearest to you.
  3. When you fill the form, always make sure the personal details of your employee that you write on the form matches with the details on the birth certificate.


  • Certified Birth Certificate copy
  • Passport photo – 2 copies Clear with white background

  • Tax Identification Number