Unemployment Assistance
Unemployment Assistance
Who qualifies?Withdrawal AmountDocuments Required
Members with General Account entitlementMaximum $1000 from General Account onlyCompleted Application Form
A Member who has resigned, terminated, non-renewal of contract, seasonal worker, permanently laid off or made redundant from workEvidence of termination letter from employer stating the termination date, non-renewal of contract, permanently laid off or made redundant or letter of acceptance of resignation from employer
Original or certified birth & marriage certificate printed after the year 2000. (if applicable)
Member’s latest bank statement

Method of Payment

– Payment is made directly to the member’s bank account.
– You can also opt for M-PAISA or a Telegraphic Money Order payment.
Ensure that the details you fill in the form are correct.
Bank charges for telegraphic transfer or bank drafts will be deducted from this withdrawal.

Important notes

  1. If the member had previously withdrawn for Unemployment Assistance, the member can be assisted again after 3 years (effective from 1st April 2020).
  2. Members must apply for this assistance within 6 months from the date of unemployment.
  3. An acceptance letter of resignation on own accord and cases pending a disciplinary tribunal can be assisted after 3 months from the last date of employment.